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Cradle Sports offers four different programs:

School Sports Programs
Cradle Sports provides guidance to schools on how to improve their sports activities. Working closely with national associations, we helschools set up teams and take part in national competitions. We work with schools to activate P.E and train teachers on how to conduct P.E sessions in the schools. Our goal is to ensure that at least 1,000,000 children across the country get at least an hour of exercise. Schools we have worked with include Mother Goose Nursery School, Kampala Diplomatic School and City Parents Primary School, among others.

Holiday programs
Our range of sports clubs include soccer, basketball, netball, swimming, cricket, rugby and hockey. Learners are encouraged to sign up for the sports club of their choice and regularly attend sessions during the holidays. The clubs are run by professional coaches who arrange various competitions in order to motivate club members.

Tournaments & Competitions
People in general, and specifically children and youth, are inclined to competition. Competitions are fun and fuel their determination to work harder. Cradle Sports organizes tournaments and competitions as a way of motivating participants to strive to achieve greatness and to gauge their abilities. We organize inter-school competitions in basketball, swimming, soccer and athletics, among other sports.

Corporate Sports and Team Building
The more time we spend at work, the less active we become. The pressure to perform and the quest for financial success leaves adults with ‘no time’ to exercise. At Cradle Sports we believe in creating time for the development of our health at the workplace through corporate sports and team building. Our program can be organized at a time and location convenient for most, if not all, members of staff. It could be in your office parking lot, a spare room or a field near-by. Cradle Sports is able to provide a tailor-made sports and games program that matches your wishes and availability. Our purpose is to create opportunities for the working class to exercise and live a longer, healthier life.

By the end of 2018 Cradle Sports aims to ensure that the quality and delivery of P.E. sessions in Uganda will improve and that over 60.000 Ugandan children and youth will be able to structurally enjoy quality P.E. and sports sessions. This will result in:

Less unfit, inactive, overweight and obese children and youth;
Higher self-esteem and higher quality of life amongst children and youth;
Better academic performance of children and youth;
Low disease incidence and burden for this and the future generation;
Healthy habits by the future generation for life.


Cradle Sports uses sport to create a healthy, active and physically literate society society where children and youth grow up to enjoy high quality lives, free from lifestyle disease.


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